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Very Wide Oak Boards

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These hand worked English Oak board floors are costly but their sheer, unadulterated beauty and quality make them superb value. They are made to last for centuries. Isn't that worth paying for?

How much do they cost?

Well, for a floor of 20 sq.m., from £10,500 (including the dreaded VAT), supplied, fixed and finished to a prepared base. A lot of money, but a serious investment in your home. We think these floors will be loved by successive generations of occupiers and visitors to a home. Our restorations of ancient floors, still going strong after over 500 years, indicate that it is not unreasonable to expect our own floors to be still looking fantastic after 1000 years. Think about it. Is that good value or not? £10.50 per year?


These wide oak boards are huge! The widest oak board is about 32" wide. Here they are up to 24 feet long at about 30mm thick. They are 'Country' grade oak boards. They are soild oak boards laid over underfloor heating. These are the most traditional oak boards made by anyone, anywhere.
These new oak boards have been laid as rough sawn boards, fumed and expertly finished entirely by hand to provide the smooth but textured finish. Large splits in the boards were not cut out but were carefully patch repaired to intimate, rather than imitate, an old floor meticulously cared for and repaired over the years. We are not making reproductions, but the genuine article using ancient crafts and techniques. That some people think our floors are old is their mistake, but not our intent.



We love this floor so much we thought we'd show you the room from the other end! Since making this floor we have bought some immense English oak logs- at the moment only up to 50 feet long! Thats over 15 metres! Have a look.

So providing we can actually get the boards into the room we can usually fit boards which run from skirting to skirting without a head joint in very large rooms. However, at present, over underfloor heating systems we can only fit up to 10.3 metres - the length of the kiln.


It is often difficult to imagine how the marriage between the ancient and modern will work. In this old cottage the blend of the very traditional board floor, the modern rug and modern glazing seems completely natural.

Oh! And who says that really wide boards do not work in small spaces? They work well enough here.



It took courage for this client to order such wide boards for this otherwise modern kitchen. We think - and the client thinks, which is far more important - it looks fantastic - along with the very many people who have telephoned to enquire about similar floors for their homes. When the client rings us to ask for advice she introduces herself as, "This is the woman who owns the most beautiful floor in England".

This floor is oiled and waxed. The owner, mother to three small children, ( bearing in mind that, since you are reading this many years later, they must now be big children ) kept the floor clean for two years but did not repolish the floor in that time. She asked us to restore the rather worn surface whilst the family was on holiday abroad. Despite the lack of special care and the heavy wear the floor had received we were surprise to find it in remarkably good condition. A scrub with wire wool by hand, a fresh application of oil and a repolish restored it to perhaps better than original condition.

This detail photograph of the same hand finished wide board oak floor, cleared of its furniture, beautifully demonstrates the luxurious and sensual texture of the surface. This floor is already showing some of the marks and distresses of use which are adding to its unique character. It is perhaps the best part of these styles of floor, that they get to look better and better with each passing year, especially if well cared for and lovingly polished regularly, but even when neglected and abused they can be restored to great beauty and the cuts and bruises become part of their character.

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