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 Large Oak Logs 2007


These are a few of the logs bought in 2007 specifically for clients who have placed orders for floors in the UK, Sweden, Norway and US.

Some are well over 50 feet in length and will produce stunning oak boards.


This beauty is a mere 28 feet long but will produce some some 14 gorgeous boards around in a range from 300 mm wide to 550mm wide.

Yes! That is all. About 14 boards. There will probably be a couple of narrow boards at around 150mm wide as well, but we generally do not use those for the hand worked boards, except for trimming works such as borders around fireplaces and thresholds in doorways etc.


This 49 feet long log will be cut down to 44 feet because it has a slight kink at the top end where it narrows off suddenly - and in any case we can only get 42' 6" into the kiln and still shut the door.

This log will produce around 18 boards rising from from 285 mm up to 675mm wide.



No DG16 will also be cut into a 23 and a 24 foot length because of that visible kink near the middle.

No. DG17 is to be cut through and through in full length. It will produce about 16 really yummy boards from 300mm to 550mm at 37 feet long.


This is part of the collection of large logs we have bought in 2007.

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