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Very Wide Oak Boards In Kent


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On the UK mainland a stunning floor of 20 square metres in boards similar to these costs as little as £10,050, including taxes, all supplied fixed and finished. We are delighted to supply and fix worldwide. The same floors in the US over around 20 square yards cost around $25,000.


This board stretches between two linked rooms in a single piece from skirting to skirting. At over 400 mm wide it was chosen because it sits very nicely in the reveal between the windows and because there were two much wider boards available which would nicely close the gaps on either side as the three boards pass through the connecting doorway. This view looks towards the front of the house.



This view looks towards the rear of the house. The high level of shine will quickly soften to a typical wax polished sheen. At the point of taking the photograph the floor had just been buffed.



This is the kitchen floor in the same house. Note that a similar strategy has been employed in the arrangement of the boards.

There is now a Christians kitchen installed above this floor.






Another view of the same kitchen floor.