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Mesquite is a desert hardwood. To some, a weed; to us, to the suppliers and to the harvesters, a beautiful timber of immense character. It is in a similar vein to Zimbabwe Teak and Olive wood. Very hard, very stable, diificult to obtain large dimensions, takes a beautiful finish, makes an almost everlasting floor. It is ideal for fitting over under-floor heating systems. We are purchasing from people who are deeply committed to making best use of Earths natural resources rather than wasting them, fulsomely replenshing them as they go, then investing in restoring what has already been lost by the depradations of earlier generations.






This lovely floor combines mesquite with a variety of other hardwoods to provide an elegant and luxurious ambience and complement the elaborate neo-Baroque architecture.




This is mesquite end grain block flooring nicely broken up in a large space with a grid of oak boards.

This makes an extremely durable floor in contemporary image. It will be near impossible to ruin no matter how many dancers in stilettos trip the 'light-fantastique' into the small hours! Well, the mesquite at any rate. The oak will not take the wear quite as well.






This handsome kitchen is floored in South Americas mesquite which, whilst still a stable and very hard timber, has a more ordered, less flambouyant grain pattern. However, the boards are still not very long - 2 metres is a good length and the average will probably be around 1.2 metres or less. Very wide boards are also not available. These are around 180mm wide.




This is mesquite growing wild. As you can see it is little better than a straggly bush. The timber from 'trees' like these is not commercially viable. It is mostly firewood. Some larger sections may find their way into end grain mesquite rounds which make a beautiful flooring. This stand is reminiscent of the African bush acacia trees.






For Mesquite, this is a monster. Look around the picture. There are no other trees of this size. You might think that large good quality boards might be sawn from such a tree - but , no they will not. See that large branch, about four feet above Joe's head? The knot effect of that will stretch down to within about three feet from his head. Almost opposite his shoulder is evidence of a further disturbance in the structure of the log in the form of the kink in the straightness of the bole. These defects will provide some amazing and gorgeous florid grain structures but will also restrict the lengths of the boards that are produced. See the photo below.

This what you get when you fell a 'monster' mesquite. A log with some rot, hollow hearted, from which only a few short boards will be sawn; and the log that Joe has his hand upon. See those dark lines on the end of the log? They are the tell-tale signs of flaws within the log - splits that mean that no matter how the log is sawn, defects will be present in every board. There is also that large 'off-branch' which will have an effect on the grain a long way down the log. Beautiful grain patterns, but a nightmare for the sawyer!

For this reason it is the defects that must be celebrated in this timber. It is the defects that create the beauty. So the defects must not only be incorporated in any floor that is made from this timber and timbers like it, but welcomed as the sessential character of the floor and the resultant floor. That takes a broad minded client and immense skills in the sawyer, the grader, the looring craftsman - the combinations that determine true art achieved through craftsmanship. The result is bliss.


However, fear not, even the most difficult timber goes not to waste. Fortunately the world is full of imaginative people. This relaxing curved bench / 'chaise-longue' is just one of the lovely and clever things that has been created from this gorgeous but difficult timber. These are 'one-off' pieces that sell as fast as they are created so you will need to see me for more pieces and what is unsold today.

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