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American Black Walnut Herringbone & Marquetry

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David Gunton designed this floor for a certain famous football managers new house in Hale Barns, Manchester.

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The base of the floor is in colour selected American Black walnut.

The 'tramlines' and the rings of the circular design are also American Black Walnut, but subtly selected to contrast with their backgrounds. The leaves around the rings are executed in oak with the ring separated by a fine line of wenge.

The flower burst is made of Guatambu petals in a maple background - so this will mature to rich gold flower on a paler white gold background. The photo does not show this well because all the woods are very fresh.



The whole floor was designed to fit around a particular carpet size. That dictated the overall width of the border, which, in turn, dictated the width of every element within it and the diameter of the marquetry rounds.

I thought of putting rounds on each side of the fireplace but, in the end decided that was going to look too over the top. If it looks wrong on the drawing, it will look worse on the finished floor.


This is a part of a floor David Gunton designed for the area at the foot of the huge bed in the master suite.

Why no photo of the whole thing? Because these were only meant to be 'work-in-progress' photos. It was intended that there would be photos of the finished, decorated furnished room, but the client stopped paying anyone and only paid up 'on the court steps', so I was disinclined to renew my acquantance by asking to return to photgraph work with which he had absolutely no complaint.



A detail photo of one of the loops, which, if you care to click on the photo for the larger image, you will see is impeccably fitted and finished - like my shoe!


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