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Lacewood Boards

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Lacewood is better known as London Plane Tree - those wonderful and huge trees which decorate many London streets and squares. The logs are rare. If they are sawn through and through only the few quarter sawn boards will attract a buyer. The plain sawn timber is boring and little better than ugly. It is virtually unsaleable! On the other hand, the quarter sawn boards have wonderful colour and an exquisite figure which propels the timber into the highly desitrable category. This is because the timber is one of those which have a very vigorous medullary ray.

Following is a series of photographs of a Lacewood Floor. The boards range from 240mm down to 200mm wide and are in lengths up to 3 metres.
The boards have a 3mm radius on the long edges which differentiates each from its neighbour. The finish is oil.

The pictures were taken as the rooms were being furnished..........

A detail around the fireplace. Note how the warmth of the colouring of the flooring is reflected by the walls.

The border is made of cross banded tulipwood with wenge detail lines.

A detail of the border framing architectural details. Note the fine attention to the detail of the fitting. All this work is hand made on site.

A detail of the opposite side of the same opening. See how the change of viewpoint shows the timber in a different light.

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