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Very Wide Hand Worked Oak Boards

In A Cotswold Manor House

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Supplied, fixed and finished, a 20 sq.m. floor simliar to one of these will cost around 9800.

It will last for centuries.


Context is everything.

Each floor we make is designed to fit into the context of the architectural style of the building, the decorating and furnishing style of the room and the taste of the client. In the context of this room, designed and furnished by the client himself, it is difficul to imagine another floor which would fit the context more perfectly than these hand worked English oak boards. That context is provided not just by the interior but by the exterior architecture and regional influences and expectations.


Are so many of these pictures being shown because we think we can bully you into buying? Nope. So many are shown because we are so intensely proud of what we have made. We just love looking at the floors from different viewpoints.

So this is a view from the other end of the table.

If you live in a huge Elizabethan mansion / manor house dripping in history your floors should reflect the building's origins. If you don't then it is worth adding something that will drip with history in a few hundred years and be oohed and aahed over by future generations. That is exactly what will happen to these floors. It is difficult to imagine anyone ripping them up again.



Note how the boards have been organised so that the mitred border around the fireplace neatly coincides with the joint between the boards. This is not accidental.

Just in case you arrived at this page by another route this is a photo of the floor another very well known and large hardwood flooring contractor had just laid in this room. This figures in our Bad Jobs pages. Click here.

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