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Very Wide Oak Boards In Context

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These extraordinary hand worked floors cost from £7000 excl. VAT for 20 square metres, supplied fixed and finished. The boards are not available as supply only.

We supply and fix worldwide.

Floors like these can last for many centuries.


Context is everything.

Each floor we make is designed to fit into the context of the architectural style of the building, the decorating and furnishing style of the room and the taste of the client. In the context of this room, designed and furnished by Robert Kime, it is difficul to imagine another floor which would fit the context more perfectly than these hand worked English oak boards

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The craftsmen who made this floor kept refering to 'The Chapel' when remarking upon this hand worked English Oak wide board floor.

It is like a temple to the sea. The floor reflects the rippling waves in its own uneveness. Is it not gorgeous?

Here the Ancient and modern flow together in a completely natural melding.

The house is an entirely new 'Cape Cod' style clapboard house which stands with its toes in the water at Sandbanks, near Poole.

Designer, Cameron Milne.





If you live in a huge Elizabethan mansion / manor house dripping in history your bathroom needs to reflect its origins.



Since the Elizabethans denied themselves the luxury of a shower ( or even a wee wash, historians tell us) the walk around glass enclosure was the best solution to fitting cleanliness into Elizabethan living.

All there is to say about the tiger is that it is a motheaten and very old. The floor on the other hand makes the room. No other would do it the same justice.

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