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This lovely floor was commissioned by a developer for the sitting room and landings for a house opposite Tony Blair's London residence. It appears different in colour according to where the viewer is standing in relationship to the direction of light.

Sycomore, acer platanus, is an exquisite timber that resembles slub satin. It has chatoyance (having changeable lustre; twinkling ) such that it appears that the timber is not flat but rippled and it appears one is able to look into it rather than just on it.

The raw sycamore lumber came from Hungary. After machining to width and thickness, which wastes about 35 to 40% of the stock, the shapes were cut by cnc router. Although all pieces appear to be the same, in fact there are left hand and right hand pieces - and turning a piece over does not help! After machining approximately 25% was rejected as knotty, discoloured or for other defects.

The decorative border is of cross banded South American Tulipwood with tramlines in Wenge. The wider sycamore border is called the 'sacrificial border'. It is in a single width which is designed to be bold enough to diguise any deviations from straight in the skirting, yet not so wide as to look out of proportion to the room and the design of the floor.

The floor is finished with a water based lacquer which has properties of being anti-oxidisation and ultra-violet light screening which helps to resist the tendency to yellowing of the sycamore.


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