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Serious restoration of old, worn and damaged hardwood floors is another of our specialist skills. Such restorations are costly. One would only carry out this sort of work if one valued the old floor more than a new one.

These are Victorian woodworks. The old oak block floor was very shabby, parts of it were missing entirely and it hardly did justice to the grand entrance hall of the sustantial manor house it served.

We made good the missing blocks, refitted many that were loose, then filled the open joints and sanded and refinished the floor.

If you click on this picture it takes you to a detail of the floor instead of just a larger version of this picture.



These too are Victorian woodworks. Here the block floor has been entirely lifted, refitted and refinished.

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This decorative parquet was flooded when the huge radiator on the wall fell off unexpectedly! These are the before and after pictures. We had to completely replace a large proportion of this floor in a triangular section progressing from the radiator. Can you see the join?



At Heaton Hall a plumber mistakenly allowed the rust rich water from the ancient heating system to pour out onto this floor. This reacted with the tannin in the oak creating extensive black stains. The museum conservators did not want the floor sanding which would have completely removed the age and remaining patina from the floor.

As you see. We restored it to its proper mature beauty without sanding.