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Parquet Panel Photographs 4

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Basketweave is a lovely simple pattern which adds a non-directional elegant background to modern and traditional styles. This one is made in African sipo mahogany. The image of the floor can be varied by shrinking or increasing the dimensions of the elements.

Chevrons. Here, in American Black Walnut. Also known as 'pointe de Hongrie'. Yet another lovely simple pattern. We think of it as originating in France. The French think of it as originating in Hungary. In Hungary they probably think of it as originating in the Middle East where they were ahead of the West millenia ago in terms of design. However, in relatively modern times - ie. for the last 300 years or so the French adopted it in the same way as the British adopted Herringbone - which is known as the English pattern in France. As with many simple patterns it works just as well in ultra-modern environments as in the craggiest of castles. It can be made of many other species of timber. It is also made in alternating timbers - two timbers, three timbers. Four is getting confusing to the eye. The image of this floor can be varied by shrinking or increasing the dimensions of the elements and by altering the angle of incidence.

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