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What is Marquetry?

Whilst Marquetry and Parquetry are similar in many respects, marquetry is distinct in that it includes curved cuts, whilst parquetry is made of straight sided timber.

Not so long ago, marquetry flooring was confined to the very seriously rich only. If one wanted elaborate marquetry in one's Palace it was helpful to have free access to the coffers of a State or a Church!

The invention of the laser has democratized marquetry. It is still costly, but is now about 10% of the pre-laser cost.

Marquetry borders are often combined with plainer geometric parquet. This may be to enhance a plain floor or to trim budgets whilst still showing off an elaborate floor or purely as a choice of aesthetic.

Some of the following photographs are of the work of Berti of Italy, who have built a reputation second to none in the field of lasered marquetry.


Windsor Castle. Restoration & Recreation.

This floor now resides in the Crimson Drawing Room at Windsor Castle. It is a recreation of the floor destroyed in the great fire of 1992. Berti carried out the laser cutting and preparation assembly. Seen here is the floor laid out in an empty warehouse to be checked for completeness before delivery to Windsor Castle for installation.

Parquetry and Marquetry consultant, David Gunton, was responsible for identifying the timbers and patterns in the destroyed floor, drawing the new floor, making, fitting and finishing it.

See more of this work at Windsor Castle

For this work David was awarded;

"The Worshipful Company of Carpenters Special Award in Recognition of Outstanding Achievement in the Restoration, Re-Creation, New Design and Quality of Craftsmanship at Windsor Castle."

- the equivalent of a carpenters Oscar in marquetry!

To see more of this particular work please click HERE

To the left is a photograph of a superb marquetry floor which beautifully combines traditional motifs with modern floral images.


To the right is a photograph of a floor which is now in the Kremlin (not made by us). This floor is cleverly manufactured to be an access floor as well as a piece de resistance of the marquetieres' art.


This Baroque Marquetry floor, designed by David Gunton, was made for the ballroom of a £42 million hunting lodge at Dalwhinie in the Highlands of Scotland. It exemplifies the difficulty of defining expressions like Marquetry, Parquetry, Boards, etc. The floor, is made of 20mm thick oak boards 200mm wide in a 'pippy' grade of oak. It is inlaid with natural Brown Oak, Walnut and Wenge. It is shown unfinished.