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Maple Star Parquet

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David Gunton designed this floor and two others for bedrooms in a superior apartment overlooking Regents Park in London.

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This is such a beautiful floor. The photograph does not do it justice. The real thing glistens, catches the light and reflects it back at you as you move around the room.

This photograph is of a floor after sanding but before application of finish. This pale appearance can be retained by the application of a water based lacquer with ultra-violet screening and anti-oxidant properties.




The sunlight streams through large windows into this spacious bedroom. Here the floor has been finished with a spirit based finish that is not ultra-violet screening nor anti-oxidant because it is intended that the flooring will deepen in colour as a result of the natural changes wrought by the sunlight and exposure.





A detail of the pattern.



The bedroom is approached from the apartments spacious hallway through a small lobby which in turn is separated from the main room by the heavy thickness of the wall. To separate these spaces and identify them we have treated the lobby as a separate space and provided an alternative simple design in the wall thickness space.

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