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David Gunton supplies several species of Maple in boards from many sources, but, most especially, wide long boards. By clicking on most pictures on this site you can see a larger version.

Not all these photographs show finished floors. This will be because these are new stocks of which we do not have finished floor photos. Others may show floors laid in unfinished rooms - because we have not been able to get back to photograph the finished job.

Maple is the timber from acer saccharum and is generally known in the flooring trade as 'rock maple'. It is very hard and durable but mildly unstable. It varies in colour from all white in the highest grades to mottled streaky brown in the lower 'factory' grades. All white in very long, very wide boards is very difficult to obtain. Usually one is obliged to accept some streaks and flecks of colour as is typified by the 'prime grade'.

Maples also provide gorgeous birdseye, ripple, and pillowed figures. Acers also encompass sycamore which provides timber of a much more elegant 'soft' colour and reflective grain structure, akin to the appearance of shot silk.

Maple Strip

This is a prime grade maple strip floor in a modern office environment.

Ist grade maple strip at 80mm width. This is a special manufacture to order only.




Ist grade Maple at 150mm x 20mm x random lengths. Special production to order only.


Prime grade maple strip at 80mm width. This is a standard 'off the shelf' stock production.


Factory grade maple strip at 68mm width. This is a standard 'off the shelf' stock production.

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