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Jobs -

Web site design, development and business marketing opportunity.

Our existence as an established business and as individuals is driven by the creation of beautiful hardwood floors. That is what we do and we love it. In our own field we are acknowledged as the best at what we do.

We now want to grow. We need to build a team of great people to help us to do that.

The sort of people we want may not have achieved greatness already. Yet, they will know they have greatness within themselves. This is an opportunity for an ambitious person to create something demonstrably their own work.

We are looking for someone for whom the creation of superb web-sites is their all consuming enthusiasm. Secondarily, the person we want will have a knowledge of computer hardware and small business computer networks We think this is one of those ‘Golden Opportunities’ for someone to start at the bottom, create their own opportunities within an existing structure, to rise with the business and reap the rewards of their own work.

You will be physically fit without existing health problems and a non-smoker. You will have a happy and optimistic personality. You will be self confident and well spoken within any regional accent. You will be well presented and naturally tidy in your personal attire and in the practice of your trade. You will be a self motivated perfectionist continually seeking to do better for your own sake, not just for the business or money.

The person we are looking for will have a broad educationat least to ‘A’ level standard, particularly in English that enables you to write eloquent and elegant prose with good grammar and spelling. You will be numerate and have a better than average educational record in a broad range of subjects including sciences. You will have an interest in the arts with an understanding of good photography and graphic design.

Of course, you will be entirely familiar with computers, their hardware and common software programmes. In particular you will be familiar with W3C and its protocols, have easy facility with web site design programmes such as Dreamweaver MX and the various related software languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS , .js files etc. and a range of other programs including Word, Excel, Access, databases, Adobe Photoshop etc.. It is not a requirement to have a knowledge of wood or hardwood flooring, but it will do no harm.

Whilst you may be obsessive about web design and computers, you will be broadminded and eager to receive, examine and evaluate new ideas. You will not be hidebound by dogma of old ideas and philosophies. You will be inventive and creative.

You will be a car owner with a relatively clean driving licence. You will be prepared to travel both in the UK and abroad to carry out contracts. You will be a natural good time keeper, self motivated and not require supervision. You will be happy working alone or as a co-operative member of a small team. You will be impeccably honest and trustworthy.

You will live within a sensible driving distance of our office in Winsford, Cheshire. The office is located in a quiet attractive rural environment.

You will be responsible for the restructuring, improvement and development of the existing web site and the creation and development of new sites. You will also continually seek new knowledge in the ever changing world of internet marketing. You will seek to develop your role into new areas of business income stream. As with all members of the team you will work flexibly for the benefit of the business, from time to time carrying out tasks outside of your principal role.

What we offer is a life of job satisfaction. You will be working in a pleasant and relaxed environment, initially within a very small team. You will be an integral part of the initiation and recording of the creation of beautiful things, many of which will last for centuries, possibly many centuries. You will also be a fundamental and key person in the growth and development of this business.

We will pay a generous basic salary based on skill, ability and experience. We will negotiate a pay scheme which rewards the results attributable to your work. We offer the opportunity for you to develop a good standard of living.

The working hours will be by negotiation, but will generally be from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. weekdays.

We believe in freedom. Our pay structure will include payment for 30 days annual holiday which will include bank holidays and the period between Christmas Eve and New Years Day.

This is a very small company. Every person working within it is valued and their contribution to the company is vitally important. The company is set upon a path of growth and prosperity. It has a history of employing staff for very long periods. It expects those staff to grow with the company. The company hopes to enable staff to achieve their own financial and business independence through offshoots, partnerships and franchises.

Before applying, please have a look through our web site to see if the sort of things we make would make you proud to have been involved in their creation.

To apply for a position please use the Go to the application form page or telephone 01606 861 442 for an application form. You may email us on floors@wideboards.com or send a fax on 01606 861 445 or write to us at the address at the top of this page.