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Cheshire, CW7 2PS
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Jobs -

Skilled Cabinet makers / Joiners / Carpenters are wanted to train as high quality hardwood floor layers.

We need some more very special people to work with us in making the loveliest hardwood floors on the planet.

Applications are invited from people who already have, or who aspire to, a high level of skill in woodworking, whether they call themselves a Cabinet maker, Joiner or Carpenter.

The sort of people we want will be intelligent, mature, physically fit, without existing health problems and a non-smoker. You will have a happy and optimistic personality. You will be self confident and well spoken within any regional accent. You will be well presented and naturally tidy in your personal attire and in the practice of your trade. Your background may not be in floor laying, though you might have had some experience of it. You will be proud of your craft skills and knowledge in working wood and be equally proud of your tools with which you work. You will be capable of making fine furniture quality joints as a matter of course. You will be capable of reading plans, understanding specifications, interpreting their intention and making decisions about the best way to achieve the finest result. You will be physically strong and will relish the occasional heavy physical work involved in moving materials and tools. You will maintain a comprehensive set of your own woodworking hand tools. Large machine tools are provided by the company. You will be a perfectionist continually seeking to do better.

You will be a car owner with a relatively clean driving licence. You will be prepared to travel both in the UK and abroad to carry out contracts. You will be free to be away from home for successive weeks. Where it is reasonable, practical and economically viable, staff working away from home but within the UK return home at weekends. You will be a natural good time keeper, self motivated and not require supervision. You will be happy working alone or as a co-operative member of a small team. You will be impeccably honest and trustworthy.

What we offer is a life of job satisfaction. You and your team mates will almost always be responsible for the creation of each floor from start to finish. You will be creating beautiful things, many of which will last for centuries, possibly many centuries. Mostly you will be working for pleasant and appreciative customers. Since each contract is by its nature relatively short, if you are working for a client who turns out to be difficult and unpleasant, you will know that it will not be for very long. It is in the nature of the work that you will be working on projects alongside other high quality, highly skilled craftsmen in other trades.

We offer variety. A large portion of our work is in the West of London and the Home Counties. However we carry out contracts throughout the UK and abroad. We currently have enquiries from Australia, Switzerland, France, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Eire and America. We work in tiny cottages, modest family homes, manor houses and palaces. We make floors in marquetry, parquet and boards. No two are exactly alike. We work in many different woods.

You will never stop learning. Whilst it is expected you will have a good knowledge of your trade, and we are masters of ours, we make no claim to know all there is to know. We are learning new things every day. We are constantly developing new patterns, new hardwood floor images and occasionally incorporating new materials such as stone, glass, metal etc. We will teach you a wide variety of new skills. We hope to learn from you as well, so if you bring skills absent in the company they will be well received.

Terms will be negotiable.


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