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David Gunton supplies Jatoba in boards in several sizes. The timber is produced from FSC approved sources. Found in Central and South America, this specie is very hard and strong. Over 125% harder that red oak, Jatoba has high shock resistance qualities. Our experience of it is that it is very resistant to indentation by stiletto heels.

Jatoba Boards with Brass Inlay

This is a 170mm width selected first quality 10mm thick Jatoba board floor with chamfered arrises (edges). It is inlaid with 6mm wide brass strips set 4mm below the face of the board.

We are very proud of this floor. It combines several new ideas and properties. Firstly we treated the timber to a process which enriched the colour of the timber without the use of stain. Secondly, though someone is bound to tell us that this is not a first, we have never before seen, or heard rumours of, a decorative wooden floor inlaid with metal. Thirdly, almost by accident we developed a very successful method of fitting the floor so that it was firmly fixed but it could be easily taken up without damaging it. This last could prove very useful if access is required beneath the floor. This lovely floor, conceived, designed and made by David Gunton, was created especially for Sorgo Design.

'Ships decking' is a classic and elegant style. The floor was created for Marianne Sorgo's room at the British Interior Design Association 'house' at the House & Garden Exhibition 2002 at Olympia, London. The room had a luxurious Venetian feel. The floor embodied hints at; luxury - the gold coloured brass inlay - ; at merchant trading - the valuable timber imported from afar; the sea and ships - the 'ships decking' style; and also undercurrents of order and 'done by design - the boards are all 2.4 metres long and are fitted in a precisely ordered 'brick laid' pattern rather than randomly.

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