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Hand Worked Oak Sunburst Parquet

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David Gunton designed this floor for a quarter round 'turret' styled room which, initially is serving as the childrens toy store, as they grow older, will eventually become a library.

By clicking on the pictures on this site you can see a larger version.



The curved shape of this tiny room and the curved cabinet work demanded that the floor somewhow reflect and complement the room whilst working with the very wide oak boards in the adjoining family room.

So David Gunton designed this 'flower' or 'sunburst' segment. Rob Gunton hand worked the English Oak pieces to provide texture.

This is a detail of the floor. You cannot see the 'rumpled' surface created by the hand working of the floor, but the surface is slightly uneven, with all the joints having rolled edges gently segueing one piece into the next so that the whole floor has a wonderful texture underfoot of being very smooth but not entirely flat. Very nice to walk upon in bare or stockinged feet.




The finished floor. The rather yellow appearance is a result of the lighting and my poor photographic skills. In real life it is more like the first few boards just beyond the entrance.



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