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As we have said in the previous page David Gunton supplies several species of Elm in boards from many sources, but, most especially, wide long boards. Clicking on a picture to see a larger version.

Not all these photographs show finished floors. This will be because these are new stocks of which we do not have finished floor photos. Others may show floors laid in unfinished rooms - because we have not been able to get back to photograph the finished job.

Elm Boards

You have probably seen this picture in the general board page. It is of a floor in a restored 15th Century manor house. The oak boards shadow the beam support structure below. The elm boards are used to infill the rectangles.
This is a lovely illustration of a little imagination at work.

This is lovely Wych Elm, ulmus glabra, in sawn waney edged state. This log has rich wild grain and colour. It has clusters of pippy knots. Laid as a floor, it will have more character than you can shake a stick at! It does not take courage to choose to fit a floor in this sort of timber - it takes imagination.

This is astonishingly beautiful Wych Elm containing much valuable, densely packed burr wood. The range of colours is part of Nature's inimitable artistry.
How would we make the best use of something like this in a floor? Firstly, we would work with the customer to achieve their imagined image. Secondly, we would work with the wood to get the best from it. Thirdly, we would carefully cut .......
You'll just have to buy the floor to find out how we would do it. We cannot tell you here. Our competitors look at our web site to get ideas. Let us just say that it is very unlikely we would saw it into straight planks, since that would destroy its character. The floor would be unlikely to have any straight line joints in it.

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