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David Gunton supplies Country Grade European Oak boards from various sources and various widths, but most especially wide long boards. By clicking on most pictures on this site you can see a larger version.

The pictures on this page demonstrate the varying appearance achieved with the same quality of boards.

Country Grade European Oak Boards


To the right is a photograph of a Country grade quality European oak board floor. This style of oak board floor may be made from a wide variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses. This enables the floor to be finely tuned to your budget and the desired appearance.
This modern cottage floor is made of boards from 300mm wide. We supply this grade of board in random widths from 100mm up to about 400mm wide. This floor has been finished with Danish oil. It will improve with age, wear and tear and loving care over the next few centuries.

Oak Boards in Production

These are wrapped boards ready for delivery. There are no other mass production manufacturers who make such long boards.

More packs ready for delivery. Note that length varies according to stock availability.

These are boards air drying in the open. Later they will be taken indoors and later still will be put into kiln for final drying.

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