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Oak Boards

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Wide Oak Boards


David Gunton supplies boards, especially wide long boards, in oak, ash, maple, beech, walnut, cherry, and many other woods. By clicking on most pictures on this site you can see a larger version.

To the right is a photograph of a 1st quality quarter sawn English oak board floor. Board floors are made in a wide variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses.
This 20 sq.m. floor has only two boards which are jointed in their length. All the other boards run from skirting to skirting in a single length. The floor is oiled and waxed to its natural colour. It will darken and age naturally over the next few centuries.

Wide Oak Boards


This wide oak board floor is set in a 15th Century manor house. The boards are of light country grade English Oak and are around 10, 11, 12" wide and 20mm thick. They are nailed through the face with rose headed iron cut brads - a traditional fixing.

These boards are huge! The widest is about 32" wide and are up to 24 feet long at about 30mm thick. They are 'Country' grade. They are laid over underfloor heating.
These new oak boards have been laid as rough sawn boards, fumed and expertly finished entirely by hand to provide the smooth but textured finish. Large splits in the boards were not cut out but were carefully patch repaired to intimate an old floor meticulously cared for and repaired over the years.
You can see more photos of similar wide board floors by clicking here

Not So Wide Oak Boards


This cottage floor is of random widths at around 150mm wide. It has been fumed, aged and lacquered. This floor was laid experimentally to test a system. The boards are tongued and grooved but are not fixed down to the base. They are locked together by nothing but the tongue and groove. There are occasional nails - probably no more than a dozen over 34 square metres - which were used to keep a very few slightly curved boards in their place. The floor has been down now for 12 years without any problems. There are one or two which creak loudly when stepped upon - which is just what is wanted in a cottage!

This floor is made of wide elm boards with oak coffering which copies the layout of the support beams below. We think it works well in this ancient building.

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