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David Gunton supplies Ash in boards in several qualities from many sources and in blocks, strip and parquet, but, most especially, wide long boards. By clicking on most pictures on this site you can see a larger version.

Ash Boards

'Ships decking' is a classic and elegant style. This is white ash at 100mm wide in random long lengths with wenge detail lines. It is all 10mm thick and is fully bonded to 18mm plywood underlay over a semi sprung undercarriage.

Spot the trapdoor! Look harder because there is a trapdoor within the trapdoor! The larger trapdoor is a fairly massive affair which is opened hydraulically and leads down to the wine cellar. However, in the unlikely event of the controls or electricity failing, it is possible someone could be trapped in the wine cellar, so a lightweight escape hatch has been built into the main trapdoor.

Compare the size of the hammer with the board it lies upon to understand the scale of this gorgeous olive ash. Though this log is now sold, others of a similar nature are available for special projects.

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