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Ash Sunburst

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David Gunton designed this floor for a circular floor at a new multi award winning house in College Road, Dulwich. Rob Gunton made it, fitted it, finished it and earned the company yet another award; Winner 2010: The Worshipful Company of Carpenters Special Award in Recognition of Outstanding Craftsmanship at College Road.

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This is the olive ash floor in its natural unfinished colours.

It could have been finished with a variety of finishes that would, according to choice and their properties have deepened the colours or softened them.

The apparently random arrangement is not at all random. Each board has been carefully matched to its partner on both sides to provide an elegant and balanced image of the natural proporties of each board.



The centrepiece is created from burr oak with a sycamore star.



The border to the sunburst is formed from olive ash pieces cut on the curve. Whilst each piece comprising a single ring is identical in size, each ring has a different diameter - so each set of rings has to be individually set up and created. Note how accurately the alternate joints are set in line.

Gorgeous wood, gorgeously used.



The border bleached. A lovely contrast between the natural colours and the softened image of the floor. Neither is the right or wrong choice - just personal preferences.




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